The Gibson Foundation dba Gibson Gives is a 501(c)(3) committed to introduce, inspire, and amplify the power of music through guitars across all generations, genres, and genders.

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Thanks for your interest in requesting a donation. Please note that we have shifted our gifting guidelines in 2020 to benefit those who bring education or healing through music specific programs where guitar is used.
Donation requests are reviewed on a monthly basis after the end of each month. 

Please understand that we need a minimum of 4 weeks of processing time after the final receipt of a properly completed request form before a donation can be provided.

Please be patient for an answer to your donation request. 

We will contact you with an update when the donation decision has been completed. Despite our best efforts to communicate accurate information at all times, there are occasionally unforeseen inventory challenges or information errors with the intended donation. We reserve the right to substitute models of any value or configuration at any time we consider necessary.

By submitting this donation request to Gibson Gives, you agree that if your request is approved, you will provide us with images and a brief update documenting the results of our support in actual use, within 30 days of the completion of your program.

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